Liberty Real Estate Fund launches the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund

Liberty Real Estate Fund
2 min readNov 28, 2020

Liberty Real Estate Fund is opening investment 4th Quarter 2020 for a $30 Million Security Token Offering the will invest in a diversified portfolio of super stable net lease real estate assets in the US.

Oak Brook, IL — October 4, 2020 — Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC is honored to announce the launch of the World’s First Single-Tenant Net-Lease Security Token Fund. Liberty is investing in essential business commercial real estate properties with a $30 million initial launch, issued through the platform in conjunction with a partnership of Catalyst Fund Administration, a Stonegate Global Fund Services company created for digital securities.

Real estate is among the largest asset classes in the world, bigger than the stock and bond markets. However, the commercial real estate industry still suffers from significant barriers to entry, obstacles to investing in other countries, and an overall lack of liquidity. Liberty Real Estate Fund is utilizing Security Tokens to unlock commercial real estate in the United States to create liquidity in a traditionally illiquid industry.

Liberty will also enable investors to receive income and build equity for token holders through property cash flows, loan principal pay-down, price appreciation, and the ability to utilize the ownership of the asset as collateral for other investments. By digitizing real estate investments with Security Tokens, Liberty Real Estate Fund investors will obtain enhanced solutions that allow for diversification, transactional efficiency, low fees, online secondary market trading, fractional stakes, risk control, more transparency, and higher potential liquidity due to the fact that the blockchain real estate assets will be available to investors worldwide.

Liberty Real Estate Fund was founded by an experienced real estate team with more than 30 years of institutional real estate investment experience to deliver stable, diversified, tax efficient returns combined with liquidity, security and transparency. More information on the fund strategy, co-founders and a special report: Real Estate Blockchain Investing 2020 can be found at

About Liberty Real Estate Fund

Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC is The World’s First Single-Tenant Net-Lease Security Token Fund, joining 30 plus years of institutional real estate investment experience with blockchain technology to provide stable, recession resistant income combined with inflation protected wealth preservation and equity growth.

Liberty is a real estate investment fund that acquires Single-Tenant Net-Leased (NNN) essential business retail, auto service and medical properties in the United States. It is designed for investors to achieve: Geographic Diversification; Industry Diversification; Tenant Credit Strength and is built with hard assets that have intrinsic value. For more info, please visit:



Liberty Real Estate Fund

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